Smile Gallery

Read what some of West Alabama’s finest people have to say about their experience and satisfaction with their smiles. Enjoy these smiling faces provided by the center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry. Drs. Marshal, Phan, and Shfner would like to thank these happy patients for the use of their pictures as well as their glowing testimonials.
Carl smiling

Carl Noland

Carl Noland can tell you the exact day he became a patient of Dr. Robert Davis.  As a matter of fact, he calls it one of the luckiest days of his life!  You see, Carl developed a painful dental problem the day of his first huge bowling tournament.  Not being fond of going to the dentist to begin with, Carl knew he had to do something and do it quick!

His first stroke of luck was ending up in the chair of Dr. Davis, who with his gentle style, put Carl at ease and fixed his dental problem.  But that’s not the part Carl likes to brag about.  Later that evening at the bowling tournament, Carl bowled a 275 and was convinced that Dr. Davis was his lucky charm.  Because as luck would have it, this was the highest score Carl had ever bowled.  It is now a ritual for Carl to make dental appointments that coincede with bowling tournaments.  Don’t get him wrong…he loves adding to his new smile and making sure he keeps up his dental care.  As for being a little superstitious…well, you’ll just have to ask him that!

So next time you find yourself at Leland Lanes, look for Carl Noland.  How will you recognize this?  Just look for the Tuscaloosa Men’s Bowling Hall of Fame bowler with the beautiful smile.  Bowling…a talent!  Smile…Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry…”Changing West Alabama One Smile at a Time.”

Betty Smiling

Betty Yaw

Betty Yaw is constantly reminded of the advice of her parents.  It was really quite simple…”If you have anything you want to do for yourself, do it now!  Time is precious.  Make the day count.”  Being one who always does for others, it was a little out of context for Betty to take the time for herself.  But after experiencing some bad dental work, Betty turned to friends to see who they could recommend to fix her mouth and her spirit.  Dr. Del Shofner’s name kept coming up.  So with a lot of anxiety and a lot of prayer, Betty made the appointment.

From her very first visit, Betty was hooked.  Not only was Dr. Shofner one of the most caring dentists she had ever met, but he was also an avid sports fan.  When he found out her son had played for the University of Alabama Football Team, he couldn’t wait to tell his patients and partners about the woman in his chair.  At that moment, Betty knew what it meant when people said, “Dr. Shofner makes you feel like family.”

Calling herself a Church-A-Holic, Betty spends her non-working time as a Team Counselor with the Billy Graham Association and understands the importance of not only a restored mouth, but restored faith.  It is said that when Betty met Dr. Shofner and decided on her beautiful new smile, she made it very clear that she was doing this for all the “older gals.”  It’s her way of showing people that life is one big smile.  Nice job, Betty.

Marcus smiling near punching bag

Marcus Mcgee

It started as a childhood dream and developed into a reality.  Marcus McGee, the guy with the wide smile, is not only a Golden Glove Runner-Up, but has also won the Southeast Heavy Weight Title. Boxing in Russia, Canada, as well as all over the United States, Marcus says his start came by way of the boxer T-Bone Adams. Marcus says T-Bone picked up on his desire to be a boxer and kept inviting him to watch his boxing matches. Well, the rest is history and when Marcus isn’t doing his day job of Marketing, he is proud to be a Professional Boxer.

It was at a boxing gym that Marcus met Dr. John Marshall.  Ironically, Dr. Marshall, a huge boxing fan and Marcus not only worked out together, but actually did some sparring.  So, when Marcus decided he wanted a beautiful new smile, he turned to the man whom he says loves dentistry as much as he loves boxing. It is said that when you really enjoy something, you put your whole heart and soul into it.  Marcus says that stands true for him and his boxing as it does for Dr. Marshall and his dentistry.

Marcus’s dream? To be the Heavy Weight Champion of the World, of course! Boxing…a talent! Smile…Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry…”Changing West Alabama One Smile at a Time.”

Hunter showing teeth in smile

Hunter Gregory

Oh sure, the smile is beautiful now, but ask Hunter Gregory’s mother how it got to this point!

You see, it was the first night that TCHS’s new lights were on at the baseball field and Hunter was playing center field. The ball came his way, the new lights hit him in the face and seconds later, the ball hit him in the mouth. Just two weeks before his braces were to come off! So after two root canals and a delay in getting the braces off, Hunter wanted to take his new smile to the next level. That is where the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry came into play.

It is no secret that sometimes braces can discolor some of the tooth area. So with the new and easy whitening and brightening procedures available, Hunter and his dentist, Dr. Marshall, took that beautiful smile and perfected it. You can see the results. Not only was Hunter pleased, but his younger sister Hannah wants hers done when her braces come off.

Hunter Gregory. . . Tuscaloosa County High School student; football and baseball star; honor student and aspiring math teacher and coach to be. These traits…just a neat kid! Smile, Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.

James Smiling

James Wesley

It all started with a bad back. Yes, that’s right! A bad back.  While in Los Angeles, having spine surgery, James Wesley, VP of Jack Marshall Foods, Inc./KFC started noticing that everyone he came in contact with, from waiters to stars, all had beautiful smiles. Loving to laugh and smile, but hating his teeth, upon arrival in Tuscaloosa, James decided that he also wanted that “Hollywood Smile.”

After a visit to Dr. John Marshall at the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, James realized that his wish was going to come true. After much discussion and Dr. Marshall having to talk James out of teeth so white that they would blind people when he opened his mouth, the big day finally came.  James Wesley became “Mr. Hollywood.”

However, here was a problem. Dr. Marshall gave James a mirror after the procedure and told him to sit still and stare at himself for at least ten minutes. He didn’t want him to go out, get into the car, start down Lurleen Wallace Blvd. and hit someone from behind looking at himself in the rear view mirror. James made it about two blocks in the car before he adjusted the mirror to his mouth.  And no, thank goodness, he rear-ended no one!

So, next time you see James Wesley, ask him to flash you his “Hollywood Smile”. A sense of humor… that’s just James Wesley.  Smile… Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.

Belinda smiling

Belinda Singleton

There is nothing more infectious than laughter. You know the kind where the person tosses back her head and enjoys the moment. If you don’t know anyone like that, meet Belinda Singleton. From the terrific laughter to the beautiful smile, Belinda lightens up a room and everyone in it.

A transfer from Buffalo, New York, Belinda came to Tuscaloosa in 1996 to join the IT Department of Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc..  Tuscaloosa became a place of new beginnings starting with meeting her husband and developing a new life that includes two children and tons of volunteer work from the Humane Society, Leadership Tuscaloosa Alumni Board, Prevention of Child Abuse Board and the list goes on.

So when it became time to look for a dentist, Belinda did what she does best. She investigated and the same name kept coming up, Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry. She and her family were thrilled with their dentist, Dr. John Marshall. So, when Belinda decided she wanted to jazz up her smile, the two of them put their heads together and you can see the results.

So next time you see Belinda Singleton, listen for the laugh and watch that smile. Laughter…that’s just Belinda.  Her smile, courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.

Neces smiling

The Neces

It’s the age old question. “Which came first…the chicken or the egg?” However in this case, it’s…”Which came first…the husband or the wife?” You see, Shannon and Russell Nece, owners of R & S Auto Repair, Inc. in Northport, both have something to smile about.

It all started when Shannon had an accident and broke her front tooth. Like repair on a car, repairing a tooth, especially one right in front, takes precision and skill. After having it repaired and not being pleased with the work, Shannon started investigating around. To her surprise, the name Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry kept coming up from all her friends and customers.

Once the front tooth was repaired by Dr. Del Shofner, Shannon was so pleased, she had more repair work done and soon had the smile of her dreams. Not to be out done, her husband Russell was so impressed with her beautiful smile, he soon made an appointment for himself. Being one who grinds his teeth, Russell had that problem remedied, also by Dr. Shofner and then went on to the cosmetic aspect.  Shannon says they both smile more now than they ever have before!

So, next time you see the Nece’s, tell them to look up from that car and give you a smile. Remember, you’ll get two beautiful smiles for the price of one!

Car repair…well, that’s just what the Nece’s do best. Their smiles…Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry…”Changing West Alabama One Smile At A Time.”

Jean smiling

Jean Ignatz

Jean Ignatz is an artist.  Simple enough statement until you see her work.  Inspired by everything she sees, Jean looks at the world as a picture to be painted. From a beautiful landscape, to breathtaking portraits, this artist and sculptor understands the importance of precision, shapes and colors.

So when her dentist moved, Jean, like others, started investigating. It was ironic that the name she kept hearing, Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, was the same office she drove by every day on her way to her studio in Northport. So, one day, she stopped and went in to ask about setting up a consultation appointment. Jean is quick to say she knew she was in the right place when she saw the beautiful smiles of the office staff.

After meeting Dr. Del Shofner, there was no doubt and Jean now has the smile of her dreams. She likes comparing Dr. Shofner to an artist…one who understands that shape, color and contour are the elements that sculpt a smile.  As a matter of fact, Jean’s ninety-three year young mother was so impressed with her daughter’s teeth that she too wanted a new smile and with the help of Zoom Whitening got her wish.

So next time you’re near Artist Row in Northport, go take a peak at the beautiful works of art in Jean’s studio. If you’re lucky, she might have a vacancy in her sculpting or painting class. Either way, just make her smile…she won’t hesitate.

Art treasures…well, Jean Ignatz is just one talented lady! Smile…Courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.

Meg smiling

Meg Bailey

Look out Broadway…Meg Bailey is on her way!  With overwhelming talent and a smile to stop traffic, Meg is ready to wow New York and see her name in lights.  Her plan is in place to move this spring to New York, after marrying her fiance, who is an aspiring actor and make her mark in the Big Apple.  She is confident, self-assured and poised for success.  But it wasn’t always that way.  You see, Meg, like many others, hated her smile.

Being an actress demands a lot of hard work, dedication and don’t forget, those close-up pictures for the portfolio.  Meg’s problem was she didn’t like to smile.  Not having worn braces, Meg was very self-conscious about letting people see her smile.  She was one of those who put her hand in front of her mouth so you couldn’t see her teeth.  So, realizing that all the pieces of her plan were in order, except one, she started investigating where to get that “Broadway Smile” and found that final piece…Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.  With six new veneers, Meg knew she was now ready to pursue her dream.  Try and get her to stop smiling now!

So, next time you are near the Academy of Ballet & Jazz, say hello to Meg.  You’ll catch her teaching a class or practicing for the future.  And you’ll definitely see that smile.  She says it just fits her personality to smile!  Broadway Star…well, that’s just Meg Bailey.  Smile… courtesy of the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry.

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