This is my story about my dentist, Dr. Shofner. I was previously a patient of Dr. Robert Davis and when he passed away, I was offered Dr. Del Shofner as my new dentist. Boy, am I glad! He listens to his patients and he has a compassion for his patients. From the beginning, he saw where I wanted a pretty smile. He listened to me talk about how I was too scared to get veneers. He didn’t give up on me and I am so thankful! Through this simple, non-painful procedure, I have a beautiful set of veneers. My self-esteem immediately went through the roof! I’m thankful for Dr. Shofner’s patience that he has with his patients that are like me. He is a gentle man with a big heart for all of his patients! I hope you will consider Dr. Shofner as your new dentist. You will not regret it! Thank you, Dr. Shofner for my beautiful smile!

~Jan Rushing

On October 24, 2014, I had an accident and shattered my jaw. I went to multiple dentists and none of them were able to successfully help me. Some of the dentists even made my situation worse! I was feeling desperate and hopeless, but I decided to search the Internet for a new dentist one last time. Thankfully, I ran across Dr. Shofner’s information and decided to give him a call. This was the best decision I made! Dr. Shofner was able to work me in right away. He immediately began working on a treatment plan and correcting all of the damage! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shofner and his team! They have been such a blessing to me!

~Nancy Griggs

A good night’s sleep is fundamental in many ways. It impacts your overall health, disposition, safety, as well as that of your significant other. Some 15 years of restless sleep, two CPAP machines, countless Doctor’s visits and a myriad of homespun remedies and props offered no help. And the all too familiar nudge in the middle of the night, “honey you stopped breathing,” came like clockwork! As a new resident to the city of Tuscaloosa, I was referred to Dr. Shofner at the Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. ┬áDuring the office visit for a┬ároutine cleaning and dental work, and in the course of the consultation, the subject of sleep apnea came up in conversation. “I can see that based on your bite,” he said, and I can help you. Based on a lackluster record and my continued sleep restlessness, I asked for his help and intervention. He took an impression and proceeded to outfit me with a personalized mouthpiece with clears the airways, stops the snoring, and oxygen deprivation. I’m delighted to say that my symptoms have disappeared and I have once again regained a good night’s sleep. My wife and I are eternally grateful!

~Domingo Valpuesta

I have been a patient of The Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry for many years. The doctors and staff have always provided excellent service to me and many of my family members. From routine cleanings to major dental procedures, I have always been pleased with my experience with this office. I love to laugh and smile. Thanks to The Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, I have the confidence to laugh and smile all I want.

~Gay Hudson

I’m grateful to Dr. Marshall and his kind and competent staff for a happy smile and beautiful teeth. Dr. Marshall is so patient, even with a quirky lady like me. I used to live in Tennessee and our best friend was my dentist for 30 years. It was too difficult to drive the five hours back to Sparta, Tennessee, so I started praying for a dentist in Tuscaloosa. I saw the sign near the office, went in, met the great folks there, thanked The Lord for answered prayer, and the rest is “happy teeth” history.

~Carolyn Schmitt

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